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Hayley Dunne

is a New England based freelance painter & illustrator, certified makeup artist, and virtual painting instructor for Canvas n' Cup in Westborough, MA. She is also a vendor for Cornerstone at Canton, an Assisted Living & Memory Care Facility in Canton, MA, where she leads step-by-step painting classes for the elderly with therapeutic implementation for the dementia demographic.

I've always been called an artist,

drawing with my grandmother at a young age, excelling in art class throughout grade school, gaining all of this recognition that I was told to be proud of. So I continued.


As I grew older and continued to pursue art in my higher education, I noticed the unspoken competition against other artists, the pressure to change your style of art to fit in, the doubt from elders that it's worth my while as an adult in a world where nothing is free.


I would compare my work and techniques to others as if only a few of us could be successful, that there is this universal standard of good art. But art is about the process, not the product. Producing art for the sole purpose of impressing others is not how I want to use my talent.


Who are we to say what's good and what's bad? 


Art is art if we want to call it that. And if you're reading this out of appreciation for what I choose to call art, then I appreciate you.

All the best,                    

Hayley Dunne
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